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Close Strategy based on P/L of the account

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:17 pm
by shantanubasu
Willing to Pay for the development of the Below EA:
Trading Platform is Market Scope 2.0 from FXCM.
I have seen an earlier thread on the requested EA in this forum but unfortunately the EA does not work for people in US. I need the EA to work in USA probably by implementing a different logic during coding: Below is the description of the EA.
I usually open two or three positions on differents currencies at the same time. If my net Profit/Loss is above or below a certain percentage of my Equity (2% e.g.), strategy is to CLOSE ALL Open positions automatically at the same time.

The Strategy has to do the following:

1) Monitor Gross P/L of my account
2) I should be able to configure the following:
a. Profit % (When this is reached all the open positions will be closed with a profit)
b. Loss % (When this is reached all the open positions will be closed with a loss)
3) If I am trading say 3 Currency Pairs, I should need to add the strategy to one currency pair ONLY and it should work for all the open positions (since the trigger point is % of equity defined in step 1 and 2)

I have attached the Strategy that I downloaded from this forum but it does not work for US Clients. This has to be fixed. Thanks.