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Re: TS/Marketscope 2012-II beta

PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:32 pm
by LeTigre30
Hello Sunshine,

I've been surprised by your answer. I've checked my display : no problem by this side.

After some searches, I think I've founded the origin of this issue
(remember : false display between three date's candles,
ex : 06/11/2013 23:55 - 06/11/2013 00:00 - 06/12/2013 00:05 ; from left to right).

This false display comes ONLY when the platform is setted to 'Server Time zone'
(Menu : System\Options\General Trading\Time zone).

When this option is setted to UTC, or Local, or Financial hour, or New York, the display of the DateTime of the three candles is correct.


Re: TS/Marketscope 2012-II beta

PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:00 pm
by LeTigre30
Following my last post :

My TS2 is set to New York Time zone. On the chart XAUUSD m5, the index of the current candle is 0.
the DateTime displayed is 06/12/2013 17:00, but when controlling the real time in New York, it is
17:55 !!! Where is the problem ???

Re: TS/Marketscope 2012-II beta

PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:28 am
by sunshine
Hello LeTigre30,

By "display issue" I meant that this is a visual issue in Marketscope, that is, not an issue with price timestamps in price stream.
The developers have reported today that they are managed to reproduce the issue. It will be fixed in the next release of FX Trading Station.

Thank you for reporting.