IndicoreSDK 3 debugger error: getAskPrice, getBidPrice

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IndicoreSDK 3 debugger error: getAskPrice, getBidPrice

Postby dtb71fxcm » Sat Jan 28, 2017 3:13 am

I've been using a chunk of code with getAskPrice & getBidPrice in several indicators, and they work fine in the FXCM Trading Station, tested up thru version 01.15.090516

And the code works fine in debugger: IndicoreSDK 2.3.1

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    indicator:requiredSource( core.Bar );
    indicator:type( core.Indicator );

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    -- spread
    if source:isBid() then
        bidPrice = source;
        askPrice ="getAskPrice");

        askPrice = source;
        bidPrice ="getBidPrice");

But any indicator with that chunk of code always fails with an unrecoverable error when testing/debugging with the latest debuggers: IndicoreSDK 3.0.1 and IndicoreSDK 3.1.0

ERROR " Command is not supported" in file
Debug session is finished

Is that code deprecated? Or will the debugger get fixed?

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Re: IndicoreSDK 3 debugger error: getAskPrice, getBidPrice

Postby Konstantin.Toporov » Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:14 am

These methods are deprecated.

Now you need to pull the data directly from the Offers table: ... ffers.html
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